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Growing is a process of change,

together and by yourself.

 Welcome to my private practice

My name is Smadar Prager, and I am a relationship expert psychotherapist.
I work with adults, couples and families in an individual or group format, in person in my home-office and online therapy worldwide. 

I am specializing in relationships, shalom bait (marriage conflict resolution, intimacy issues), parenting (parent guidance & coaching), and eating and body image problems, as well as general mental health (loss, depression, anxiety), self growth and wellness.

I am offering counseling and guidance for individuals and couples dealing with relationship problems, sexual & intimacy issues and parenting difficulties, in Hebrew עברית & in English, online worldwide, in person in Five Towns Long Island NY area. 

You are welcome to find out how I can help you, read more about me, learn about my services and my fees, or contact me.

You can also view my Profile on Psychology Today Therapist Online Directory.

Looking forward to meet you.

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