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 Smadar Prager, CGP
 Psychotherapy, Counseling & Guidance 

It's all about relationships!

About Smadar Prager:
Smadar Prager is practicing psychotherapy, ‎counseling, guidance and lecturing adult groups, families &  ‎individuals in the ‎field of Relationships and Parenting, as well as in the field of Women’s Body and Eating Problems. 

Since 1998 she ‎is sharing ‎her knowledge and love with Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups, Private Business and ‎Government Bodies.‎

She believes that the body and the soul are inseparable. Her work is holistic and integrative. 
Even though she is Adlerian at heart, she ‎incorporates other psychological theories and approaches: Maslow, Frankl, Winnicott, ‎Feminist Psychoanalytical Treatment Model and Cognitive and Behavioral techniques. Her ‎therapeutic approach concentrates on short term treatment, which emphasizes on a more ‎open, mutual and equal relationship in order to have the opportunity to work on a specific ‎issue in a more intensive manner.‎‎

Smadar holds an equivalent to a BA degree in Education, Guidance and Counseling,  she holds an Integrated Certification Diploma as a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) after graduated in 1998 the four-year program at The Alfred Adler Institute in Israel for Leading, ‎Counseling, Teaching & Treatment, in association with The Israeli Ministry of ‎Education.‎ She graduated The Aerobic & fitness Instructors Program for a ‎Diploma on the Dean's List, as well as an Extensive Course for a Diploma on the Dean's List in Human Nutrition with ‎emphasis on Athletes Nutrition. Both from The Wingate Institute in Israel for ‎Physical Education & Sport, The Nat Holman School for Coaches & Instructors, ‎in association with The Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.‎ She also held an AFAA Certification.

In 2002 her first book Sane Weightloss was published by Matar Publishing House in Israel
The book had ‎become a bestseller.‎ Since the book had been published Smadar get enthusiastic responses from people that found ‎themselves captivated in the process.  She launched the Sane-Way website and manage the ‎community forum that was created to cater the women who wishes to change their lives. Smadar also published dozens of Articles in Hebrew, and working on the English version on her blog. ‎

In 2006 she graduated the One Year Post-Graduate Training Program in Eating & Body Problems from the Women's Therapy Centre Institute in New York: A Cultural, Relational, Psychoanalytic Feminist Framework Treatment Model. 

Supervised by: Anne L. Wennerstrand

Smadar was born in Israel, and lives now in Long Island, NY since 2003; she is married since 1986 and the proud mother of 3 magnificent ‎boys. ‎ She was released from Tzahal (IDF, Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli military) in 1983 as a First Lieutenant after completing her duty service as a CO (casualty officer).‎