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10 Back to School Essentials:

1. Always prepare cloths and backpacks with the child the night before.

2. Make sure going to bed is a pleasant experience (and on time!).

3. Wake up the kids relaxed & with a smile (music is always a plus).

4. Allow enough time to calmly organize (you too).

5. Don't skip a nutritious breakfast (not milk & cereal).

6. Send a nutritious snack with a loving smiling encouraging note inside.

7. Make sure the child knows who picked them up.

8. Don't forget to send them with a big hug and a kiss, a loving blessing and lots of reassuring.

9. Remember: homework are for your child, not for you.

& 10. Always always, always... love them and remember how precious they are (at any age / grade).

* Have a wonderful blessed & successful school year *


Shana Tova from Smadar Prager, CGP

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