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My Fees

Coulpes and Families

One 45 mins session - $130.-

First session (intake) is a double session.

With large families more than one intake may be required. 


One 45 mins session - $100.-

First session (intake) is a double session.

My Virtual Office

Online & phone sessions available

For Group fees and lectures, more information and/or

question(s), use this form:



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* In Hebrew עברית & English

I do not take insurance.

My Services*


Where there's more that one person, there's conflict. It's not an pessimistic outlook of life - it's just the reality. Productive communication is the key for good relationship, and learning to communicate well is an acquired skill. In the safe and protected environment of my office couples can resolve their issues and learn new ways of relating to each other. They can learn how to put each other first so their relationship can flourish and become again a source of joy and happiness.  

Family / Parenting / Parent Coaching

Conflicts between parents and children are very common. In fact it's a natural part of any normal relationship, especially with our kids. It's becoming a problem when it separate parents from their children and makes them drift further apart from each other rather then bring them closer as it should be in good relationship. Power struggling is the most common trap parents and their children often find themselves in. There are tested techniques that you can learn to parent more positively, in a way that going to improve your relationship with your children and the atmosphere in the home.  


Life is a journey of change and growth. It's not so much about succeeding or getting-there, but more about never stop keep trying and keep searching for yourself, your happiness and your emotional wellbeing. Whether you feel you need help in a very specific issue, or you just feel things are not as good as they could be, you are embarking on a quest to get to know yourself. In a setting of one-on-one, face-to-face or via phone or internet, there's every opportunity to expand your awareness and improving the quality of your life. Or in other words, you are about to tremendously better your relationship with yourself, and as a result, with everybody and anybody around you. 

Groups / Lectures

The Group setting is a very unique therapy tool. This is where you can not only get your therapist's input, but also benefit added gain from interacting with others, listening to their issues, and drew from their feedback on your own shared feelings and thoughts. Group has the power to motivate change in ways one-on-one therapy can never achieve. Still, combining the two , group and individual therapy, tremendously intensifies the therapeutic value, and contributes to the desired life change. 

I am giving lectures on topics pertaining to Relationship: Parenting - parents and children issues, Couplehood - marriage issues (Shalom Bait) conflict resolution, and Self Growth - implementing a change in your life.

Please email or contact me for more detail and to discuss further. 

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