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What Clients say about Smadar Prager

Saved my marriage...

When I first met Smadar, I felt very hopeless and desolate and ready to divorce. I felt very betrayed by my husband and knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was no hope for our relationship.

I only went to Smadar to try to find tools to navigate my new reality. After only a few sessions, Smadar taught me how to "see" things differently, how to respond to my husband's behavior and how to

cope with him and with my children. I felt Smadar understood my situation and identified with my issues. She supported me--with all my negative outlooks and desperate pleas. Because of Smadar and what she taught me, I speak and act differently with my husband, making our marriage stronger and healthier. I have referred Smadar to many friends and they too have only had positive experiences with her. Click this text to start editing. This block is a basic combination of a title and a paragraph. Use it to welcome visitors to your website, or explain a product or service without using an image. Try keeping the paragraph short and breaking off the text-only areas of your page to keep your website interesting to visitors.

We are a happy family again...

We came to Smadar with issues in our marriage......

This was by far our best decision to start therapy with her.

In my opinion Smadar is the good fairy!!!

She's kind, compassion, full of knowledge, and sincerely care.....

Through that painful process that we shared with her and through her guidance, we are a happy family again and our marriage got saved.......

Her way off working is from the ground up with no shortcuts. From the beginning she insisted on our commitment to and through that process.

That hard work paid....

Thank you Smadar,

And one more time: I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Great sex...

Smadar is a kind and sensitive psychotherapist, using those skills to respectively attain information to help me- was therapeutic to say the least.

A long term expectation of therapy, as sex therapy can be; learning some skills lacking, really helped quickly.

Definitely, I would recommend to others.

Helpful and to-the-point...

Smadar is a very professional and pleasant therapist.
She had a to-the-point approach.
She can easily pin-point the problem and define goals.
The coping tools she teaches are effective and remain an asset for life.
Smadar helped me tremendously.
I highly and warmly recommend her.

Changed my life...

Smadar prager is a talented, perceptive, and intuitive therapist. From our very first phone conversation, before I had even started seeing her, she was able to pinpoint exactly why therapy had failed me in the past, and that intuition and sensitive listening continued through our sessions allowing me to work through the issues that weighed me down.

Smadar knew when to push, when to listen and when to allow me to maintain my façade. She has given me tools that I have used to not only drastically change my own life but change the lives of the people around me.

Healthy perspective...

Smadar is a very kind, caring and very professional therapist.

Smadar offers an extremely healthy perspective to her clients. Her achievements in helping me get over my childhood trauma is deserving of many accolades.

It is a true pleasure to work with Smadar.

Reached my goals in a short time...

Smadar is empathetic and a good listener. ‏She helped me get through the tough times. ‏She gave me good therapeutic suggestions which helped me better my life. And we were able to reach our goals in a short amount of time.

She guided me through my dating life and help me navigate what is important and what is not. She also help me recognize if somebody had red flags.

I feel that I got the tools I needed from her to start a new life with a wonderful new husband.

I highly recommend Smadar as a psychotherapist, she will definitely help you in the journey of life.

Felt supported and understood...

My Dearest beloved Smadar…

Thank you…

for the dedicated treatment over the past months. I found myself waiting for our meeting every time anew because you are not just another therapist but also a sensitive woman!

You listened, supported, understood, and even wiped my tears… and when it was needed, you gave me wise advice. I always felt you had all the time in the world for me, and constantly and calmly, you made yourself available to me.

I highly and lovingly recommend you.

Love you ❤️

Guidance in the darkness...

I Find my work with Smadar very useful.

It’s a gift to have someone you can talk to about such important things in life that you don’t or won’t talk to anyone else about. Things you don’t want to burden your family or friends with. Things that are uncomfortable to talk about.

While my initial goal was to seek therapy for marriage counseling, it actually became therapy to deal with my separation and ultimate divorce. I realized my goals were different. It was about understanding myself and how I can improve myself. How to take care of myself while fighting an endless war. Most importantly it taught me how I can improve my relationship with my children. It taught me how to look at things in a completely different perspective. During a time of deep turmoil, therapy made me not only get through it but to use it as a way to grow and show others that you have grown. While I was getting rejection from the people I loved the most, my children, therapy made me realize where it was coming from, and that made it easier not only to deal with it but to use it as an opportunity to improve that relationship.

I'm always feel supported and understood.

It is the most amazing thing in the world when you feel that someone is truly by your side during your challenge, hand in hand, while the whole world feels like its falling apart.

I feel like Smadar shares my burden. She is someone I trust, someone that truly cares about me, truly feels my pain - that it is her pain as well. That feeling is tangible. It’s priceless. It creates a pillar of strength to move forward with resolve. A light in the midst of complete darkness.

Smadar gives me tools that help me realize my true weaknesses but also learn how to face them head on. It is not easy to admit you are doing wrong or have a weakness. It's not easy to digest when you realize you are not perfect and need to work on things. But this is self-growth. To accept your shortfalls. To realize and fight your demons head on. And when you conquer those demons, to feel true victory.

I recommend Smadar wholeheartedly, because when you feel that someone is truly by your side during your challenge, hand in hand, while the whole world feels like its falling apart, it is the most amazing thing in the world. It feels like they share your burden. Someone you trust, someone that truly cares about you, truly feels your pain that it is their pain as well. That feeling is tangible. It’s priceless. It creates a pillar of strength to move forward with resolve. A light in the midst of complete darkness. 

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